PR Solutions

PR(Public Relation) solutions has been added to our service list since 4 years ago. At start, we have helped many companies with overseas deals and services but we have never thought that a travel agency could work with PR. However, we did and through the years, we have done a great job of it. After define our service list, we can tell that we are not only an agency which works tourism, business units, but we have became truly a multi-functional agency.

Public Relation relates part of each medium-large size of companies daily marketing operation. Mostly, firms who looked for us for PR solutions overseas are not only land services, but more in marketing level. Our services covered mostly Nordic Countries, China and Taiwan. Servcies are including

  • Display ads
  • Media promotion solutions
  • SoMe solutions
  • Commercial/Documents footage collecting
  • Governmental/Media communication and relations
  • Promotion & Event arrengement
  • Branding & Branding Strategy
  • Public Relation management

For any request, please send email to : or call +45 33930062