C. Gateway – Leisure


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It has been a very long period for us to find out the differences between China Gateway ApS, China Gateway – China, and C. Gateway ApS.

Today, we recognise C. Gateway in China, focus specially high-end leisure travel market. C. Gateway – Leisure represents travel with passion. Relax, free, go as you like. We express the true meaning of travel. We serve real travellers who understand the passion, understand the meaning of travel and we serve to people who trust us in that.

Nowadays, more and more travellers coming from P.R. China. Nordic market as a destination also opens up a lot towards Chinese tourists. However, most of marketer considered Chinese Tourists as a whole cluster. In relation of production and marketing, marketers were lost in translation. Although tourists are coming to Nordic region more and more, but no one can say it is the matter of products power or marketing power.

C. Gateway – Leisure realised the problem. Or we really can’t say it is a problem.But we rather to consider it as a trap. As an innovative travel professional, we do not want to be limited in just serve to those travellers as they come. We divided Chinese tourists into different types and we have chosen one type of them, which is Professional Travellers.

We create possibilities for experienced travellers who understand what they want and they they need. Travel to places where they have done enough researches. Recommend destinations to them where they will enjoy the themes. Lifestyle, good food, good wine, physical activities, memorable experiences, and that should be arranged by C. Gateway ApS.