Innovation , is not a new word for a travel agency or travel related company. Most of travel firms take innovation seriously, and almost all of them are paying lots of attentions of products innovation but not operation.

We, CG is an innovative firm. Not only we put lots of attention on keep innovate our products, way of selling but also way of promoting, handling, communicating and operating. Traditional wise, organisational structure is placed from top to bottom like a triangle. In our world, it is a traditional Hierarchical system . CG doesn’t use Hierarchical system. Instead, we adopt a Horizontal System.

Which means, CG group, C. Gateway ApS, China Gateway ApS, THA Business Consulting ApS, China Gateway , are all on the same level. They are all CG’s products and they are not interfering each other in the matter of marketing.

Marketing wise,

  • in P.R.China, CG-Group stands out as a group. It contains two different products: China Gateway,and THA Business Consulting ApS.
  • in Southeast Asia, we are C. Gateway ApS
  • in Denmark, we are China Gateway ApS

If  you are confused, please take a deep breath, close your eyes, and count 10 seconds. Then tell your self, this is crazy. Yes, this is crazy. But we are CG. CG is crazy and we will be keep our craziness. We think that is the key to be innovated all the time.